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Do you want to be a model?
If you are under 18 you need the support of your
family. Until you are 18 you are not legally able
to commit to a contract. You need a guardian to
do that.

Understand that modeling is a regional business when
you are beginning.  Your chances of employment depend
on the number of photographers in your area.
Either as an independent model or with an agency, there
are a few things you can do now. get a cell phone (and/or a pager),
and get an email address You need to have separate business
contact information. Do not use your family phone, or ISP email. You have
separate contact information for safety, and convenience. Keep
your modeling business separate from your personal life.
Here are a few links with information on how to
get started as a model:
Copy and paste the links into your browser to visit the sites.
Some of my images.

Email  is easy. You can get a free email address at:
Also other places.
Once you have contact information, you need photos. To be honest,
many agencies just need a few snapshots to decide if you are what
they need. Your parent can do this with any color camera. Even
those single use cameras.
A real agency does not ask for money from the models. Agencies
get paid by commissions on assigning models work.  Real
agencies in California and Florida are licensed.
LEGAL California agencies must be listed with the Department of Industrial Relations.
(Be sure to put "CA" for State in all searches.)

Florida requires legal agencies to be licensed >"
Choose "Talent Agents" for License Category and "Talent Agency" for License Type,  be sure to select "Florida" for state.)
You need to decide what types of modeling you want to do. Be
aware of the following definitions.
types of modeling
Often involves nude.
Nude Art
Definitely involves nudity.
Needs tall models.
Involves nudity.
Model is used for a spokes-person or a demonstration.
Artist Model
Often involves nude.
Model is used to visually explain a story, (such as hailing a cab).
Involves nudity.
Not to be confused with body
Involves nudity.
Parts Modeling
Use a hand, finger or arm to show a product (such as a telephone).
Involves partial nudity.

Modeling Scams
There are many ways to lose money becoming a model. Beware of
business cards that do not have an address. The best way to avoid the
scams is for you to be informed. Use your favorite search engines to
search for "modeling scams." Start with these links:

You need photographs for a portfolio.
A portfolio is a binder of your photographs. Examples of the type of
modeling jobs you want. Many models also have this as a CD.
Some photographers offer TFP (Time For Photographs). They practice
the photo trade and in exchange you get images. The photographer should
have no problem with you bringing along a friend. 

You need photographs for a comp card.
A comp card is to give to prospective clients. It has your measurements,
a few photos, types of modeling, and contact information.
You need photographs for a web site.
Instead of business cards, models use comp cards. Business cards are
still handy.

A website is useful if you work as an independent. If you do your
own bookings. If you work through an agency, you are promoted on
the agency web site.
  The web site is your on-line portfolio. A web site is your
chance to explain your rates, types of modeling, and (importantly) your geographical
service area. There are actually places on the web specifically for models.
Some are free. Many are not.
A few examples:


I cannot get you modeling jobs.